Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach House

This is where we live. We have a nice home a block away from the beach, in a small beach community where everyone knows everyone. There's a little main street with shops and restaurants to stroll through that leads right to the pier for fishing. But mostly, my mommy and I love to lay on the sand and watch my daddy surf. We get to sit in a surf hut so I don't get dirty and my mommy doesn't get sunburned. It's very relaxing and my family is so lucky to live here. I love the beach!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sporting Events

My family takes me to lots of fun games. My daddy went to Cal Berkeley, so we get to travel up north and visit and root for the Bears. I'm a bear! It's only fitting :) But we live near Los Angeles, so we also root for the Dodgers and the Lakers. I love games. It's a great little adventure close to home where we can shout and eat hot dogs and just have fun like little kids. I can't wait for the next game!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grand Canyon/Sedona

Now that we've ventured out into your own backyard, sometimes its fun to see what the neighbors have to offer. Quick, relaxing, and inexpensive, that's how my family likes to travel. We took the Route 66 route to Arizona. We stopped first at Flagstaff. We found a little local-owned restaurant there that had the best Mexican food I have ever eaten! We decided next to camp the Grand Canyon for a few days. In a word...majestic. You stand and are in awe of Mother Nature. It was much too cold to camp, but luckily there are quite a few lodges along the rim of the canyon that have great views of its south rim. We couldn't to take the donkey ride down, becuse its very expensive, but we of course found our way to the stables and a relaxing horse-back ride. We also found a quaint little town just outside of the canyon called Williams. The Route 66 old western town has seemed hardly changed over the years. Small general stores and local BBQ joints were very much enjoyed as we took a stroll down old main street.

After a few days of relaxation, we headed down to Sedona for some local fun. Jeep rides over rocky red rock cliffs, more horse-back riding, cowboy cookouts, and the serenity of a small peaceful community amids the glow of the red rocks and suddenly we dreamt of our own ranch. The simple life really is the most fulfilling, we feel. We had a pleasant surprise in a dinner at Elote Cafe, a small 12 table Cuban restaurant with tapas so mouth-watering I could've eaten there every night of the trip. Their signature dish, elote, was so perfectly cooked and seasoned I fell in love with corn! We finally were able to camp a bit in Oak Creek Canyon, right next to a creek that flowed through the camp site. Though we were surprised to awaken to snow fall around our tent. Luckily, it only snowed our last night, and we reluctantly headed back home, taking with us the beautiful promise of another visit.