Saturday, February 23, 2013

New York City

This month, mommy had to go to a writing conference in New York City, and I got to tag along. While mommy's at work, Teddy will play :)

I got to run around and see all those famous buildings and places you see in the movies and TV shows. It was very cool to see them all up close and in person. We got to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Grand Central Station. Grand Central is huge! There are so many trains that go by and so many people traveling on them. I don't know where they were all going, but they sure were in a hurry.


On our first night, we got kind of hungry so we stepped out for a bite to eat and I saw this right next door. The Chrysler Building. It was lit up really bright. During the week if we got lost, all we would do was look for the Chrysler Building and head towards it. That's how we'd find our way back home.


A couple blocks down the street was Times Square. It was just as bright there with all the lights! Lots of people were running around shopping. We did a little shopping too, hehe.

A little ways down from our hotel was the Empire State Building. Every night it had different colored lights shining from it. It was like a huge Christmas tree. I even got to go to the very top and see all of New York from way up high!

And just a few blocks from there was the New York Public Library. I had heard that my good buddy Winnie the Pooh lives there now, so I had to pay him a visit. Turns out, he lives there with all of his friends. It was nice to see them all.


Mommy even took me to a really cool book store called Books of Wonder. It was a bookstore just for us kids! Everything there was made for little guys just like me :)


After mommy finished her conference, we got to do some fun stuff. I got to see the Brooklyn Bridge.
Then I got to ice skate at Rockefeller Center.


We went to Serendipity to have their famous frozen hot chocolates. It was sooo yummy! I shared a little with mommy.


We got some treats from Dylan's Candy Bar too.So much candy!

And then mommy took me to FAO Schwarz! We played Heart and Soul on the big piano. Mommy said it was just something everyone has to do.

I had such fun running around, a little fluffy in the concrete jungle! It was snowy when we were there, which is something I'm not used to. I'm a little California beach bum myself. But I could handle it :) It was too snowy to go see the Statue of Liberty, but then there's always next trip!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

San Diego Fluffy Meet

I always knew that I was not alone. That mommy and me weren't the only two people in the world that loved each other very much. I have very many friends on Facebook. But yesterday, I got to meet a few.

I've heard about things called Fluffy Meets or Fluffy Festivals that took place in Europe, where teddies and monkees and giraffes and all kinds of fluffy friends get to come together and find true friendships. But I live in the USA, in California, so I've really only heard about such things. But I got invited to one.


Our mommies have never met. They've never seen photos of each other, they don't know who each other are. We only know fluffy names and stories. But my mommy loves me so much, she wanted me to meet some real friends. So we drove down to the San Diego Zoo super early in the morning. And this is what we find:

Nabe Neverland and Pabela and Mobe Grizzly and Dillon Da Donkey and Horace and so many more. My friends! :)


We got to see some wonderful animals together.


Polar Bears!


And Panda Bears!


And Llamas!


And Zebras!


And so much more...I think we all had a soft spot for bears. I don't know why ;)

It's nice to meet new friends and hear all their stories from around the world. Nabe is from Switzerland, Pabela from Paris, Mobe from Texas, Dillon and Horace from San Jose. Their mommies had stories of their own. One day I hope mommy and I can make it to the International Fluffy Festival in Europe. It's nice to know we're not alone. It's nice to know how much love there is in the world. And that sharing all that love can be just car ride or plane ride away!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The beaches of California are legendary, even more so than some of the beaches in Hawaii and other exotic locations. Specially here, in Southern California, our coast is full of infamous surf, movie star houses,  and teddy bears playing in the sand. :)

My mommy took me on my first visit to Malibu. It's a big city of many large houses, where the rich and famous live. But its also a small beach community where miles of coast turn into family fun. You can simply pull off the road, park by the side of Pacific Coast Hwy and walk down to the ocean a few steps away. And that's just what we did!

The water is warm, the foam rushes white to your feet, the sand is clean and glistens with the bright sun. I can see why Malibu is the playground to the rich and famous. But you needn't be either to have fun in their sun. You just need to love the ocean, love the sand, love watching the waves calmly crashing and take your turn splashing around with the people you love. And maybe, just maybe, you'll find a famous little white bear waving to say hello. My life is a beach! I love getting wet and sandy :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific

Not too far from our house, in Long Beach, there's a whole other world. Mommy and I love to lounge on the beach and stare into the ocean, but I never really knew what was in there. So mommy took me to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific to show me what life is like under the water.

There are so many colorful fishes in the sea. Some of them are very big. Some of them are babies like me. They're silver and yellow and bright blue. I even found Nemo!

Some of them are a little scary looking. I saw sharks and sting rays swimming by. But mommy said they won't be mean to me if I'm not mean to them. That's good. I'm not a mean bear :)

I even got see the Sea Lions and Sea Otters swimming around.

The sea otters were very playful.

They seemed to like getting their picture taken. I made friends with one of them. He kept swimming up to me to say hi.

I think the prettiest animal was the jellyfish. They seemed really peaceful. But mommy says not to touch them, because they have stingers that hurt.

I may be a little biased, but I like the white ones the best. Hee hee ;)

 Mommy and I even decided to adopt a baby. I'm the daddy of a sting ray! I will visit him often. 

It was a fun adventure to see the world underneath the water I look at all the time as a little teddy beach bum. Now when I stare into the ocean, I'll remember my new friends.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Universal Studios, Hollywood

Little day adventures are some of the funnest times my mommy and I have. Living in sunny southern California, beach bumming is our all time favorite, but sometimes we gotta play tourists. We headed into Hollywood and played around at Universal Studios!

We have a few theme parks not too far away. Universal Studios is actually a studio that makes movies and everything, but they have a bunch of rides based on their movies we can enjoy. First stop, mommy and I always sample the food. :) Our favorite today, BBQ ribs from the Flintstones BBQ Pit.

I was a big boy and ate all my ribs. Yummy!

One of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs are so cool! It's a big water ride with huge life-like dinosaurs all around. The T Rex almost got us, but we splashed down the hill too fast for him.

There's a lot of shows with special effects, some of my favorite cartoon characters come out to play, and there's even live animals. But my favorite part of the day was taking the studio tram tour.

We get to drive around the lot and see the sets from a bunch of famous movies. We get to see King Kong in 3D fight the dinosaurs, The Mummy comes after us, and Jaws tries to bite me!

I had so much fun playing in the movies with my mommy. Our mini adventures are so fun, and it makes me even more excited for the next big adventure.