Friday, September 30, 2011

LA Mini Vaca

Living so close to Los Angeles, mommy and I decided to see what all the fuss was about with a few local hot spots. First stop, Phillippe's near Union Station, home of the french dip sandwiches! Always a favorite with locals, sawdust on the floor and 79 cent iced teas! The buidling looks so cool, mommy says it's an old railroad station. The servers are wearing uniforms from the 1960's, I think that's when it opened. We always get the beef french dip sandwich. Ask for it double dipped! More au ju!

Next, we decided to flip through some used CDs at Amoeba Music on Sunset, the locals' Music Mecca. It's huge! A lot of used CDs and DVDs for real cheap. Mommy says all her old favorites that the regular stores don't carry anymore can always be found here. They even have actual records there! We bought a few CDs that only costs $4 each! There are new CDs there too, but why buy new expensive stuff when the used ones are so cheap?

We decided to cruise down the Sunset Strip for a bit, lots of little boutiques and restaurants to watch as we stroll by. We got a little thirsty so we stopped at Millions of Milkshakes, a new local favorite. A lot of celebrities created their signature shakes for you to choose from, but they have a big list of ingredients so you can create your own too. Mommy and I have a big sweet tooth so we got the Kourtney Khardashian shake, neutella and captain crunch. so yummy!

It was such a fun day, just cruising the local hot spot of LA with my mommy! There's much more to see in LA, so mommy promised to take me again soon. I'm dying for a hot dog! ;)