Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caffeine High

Along with being major beach bums, mommy and I are addicted to coffee. There are so many chains out there, but we prefer to visit little mom and pop coffeehouses that really put a lot of love and effort into their yummy drinks. Mommy says Starbucks is only a last resort!

Our favorite coffeehouse is Portfolios in Long Beach

Port is a locals' hangout and has plenty of couches to sit and relax on. They have computers for you to use if you need to get some work done, and original artwork on the walls from local artists for sale. They make the best iced mochas ever! They're so creamy and silky, not like others that can taste chalky.

Next is The Library coffeehouse also in Long Beach

Library is pretty unique because it actually looks like a library. There is wall to wall book shelves with tons of books you could sit and read while you sip your coffee. You could just borrow a book for the day or if you really like it, you could buy their books too. They make really good lattes there, with so many choices for flavors. They even have yummy desert cakes and ice cream to go along with your latte.

An old favorite of ours is Java Man in Hermosa Beach

Java Man is just a short walk to the beach and Hermosa Pier. They are a smaller coffeehouse with just table and chairs, but they don't mind if you hang our there all afternoon. Lots of good people watching outside and great little beach bum community. The best drinks there are their seasonal drinks. They come up with the best flavors for the seasons, their pumpkin spice latte for Thanksgiving is my favorite!

When it comes to chains, the only one mommy and I really like is It's A Grind

IAG started as a mom and pop coffeehouse in Long Beach. It's a franchise now, but all the stores still use the original recipes for their drinks. They have big arm chairs for you to relax in and artwork of jazz and blues legends on their walls. The best things to order at an IAG are their blended mochas, not super sweet, just the right amount of mocha added.

I'm sure there are lots more coffeehouses for mommy and me to explore. And we'll be more than happy to taste what they have to offer!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Blog Address

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Driving the Coast

Living in California, my mommy and I are big beach bums. There's something about the sound of the ocean that keeps us calm. It's a nice getaway from the city we live in, and mommy says it gives her time to think. So sometimes we just drive up or down Pacific Coast Highway, along the beach the whole way. There's some great views and pretty sunsets along the way. Here's some of our favorites:


La Jolla Beach:

Aliso Beach:

Long Beach Harbor:

Seal Beach:

Huntington Beach:

Newport Beach:

Hermosa Beach:

Morro Bay:

Jalama Beach:

Big Sur:

San Francisco Bay:

Mommy and me getaways are the best! Surf, sand, water, peace. I'm a beach baby through and through. And we follow the sunset to endless summers!