Tuesday, September 11, 2012

San Diego Fluffy Meet

I always knew that I was not alone. That mommy and me weren't the only two people in the world that loved each other very much. I have very many friends on Facebook. But yesterday, I got to meet a few.

I've heard about things called Fluffy Meets or Fluffy Festivals that took place in Europe, where teddies and monkees and giraffes and all kinds of fluffy friends get to come together and find true friendships. But I live in the USA, in California, so I've really only heard about such things. But I got invited to one.


Our mommies have never met. They've never seen photos of each other, they don't know who each other are. We only know fluffy names and stories. But my mommy loves me so much, she wanted me to meet some real friends. So we drove down to the San Diego Zoo super early in the morning. And this is what we find:

Nabe Neverland and Pabela and Mobe Grizzly and Dillon Da Donkey and Horace and so many more. My friends! :)


We got to see some wonderful animals together.


Polar Bears!


And Panda Bears!


And Llamas!


And Zebras!


And so much more...I think we all had a soft spot for bears. I don't know why ;)

It's nice to meet new friends and hear all their stories from around the world. Nabe is from Switzerland, Pabela from Paris, Mobe from Texas, Dillon and Horace from San Jose. Their mommies had stories of their own. One day I hope mommy and I can make it to the International Fluffy Festival in Europe. It's nice to know we're not alone. It's nice to know how much love there is in the world. And that sharing all that love can be just car ride or plane ride away!