Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington D.C.

My mommy and daddy took me to our nation's capital. My daddy is really big on history, so just being there was very exciting for us. You can feel the history of the city just standing in the middle of the National Mall. I was very excited to visit the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, and as many Smithsonian Museum buildings as we could. The Natural History and Air and Space Museums were my favorites! We visited the Supreme Court and the National Archives, where I got to see the real Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Star-Spangled Banner. There was so much to see. All the buildings were so tall and had stone carvings all around it with big white statues. It looked like we were in ancient Rome! And the Korean War memorial had statues so real, at night they all look like they were going to shoot at us. It was scary! We were even in such a big history mood that we visited Philadelphia for a day to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Back in Washington, we had our first taste of Ethiopian food in the Adams Morgan area, known for its fun atmosphere and nightlife. We enjoyed a great little French Bistro in DuPont Circle, with authentic french street food. Street food is the best! And we had a nice, gourmet meal in Old town Alexandria at Vermillion. Tasting the local's best foods and restaurants is one of our favorite ways to really experience our travels. There's a grown up feel about Washington D.C. that my mommy says is sophisticated. I felt smart just being there. :) I love the simple beach life most, but if we ever did move to a big city, Washington D.C. is the only place to live that seemed like home. It's fast paced and fun, but the history and culture of the area is very appealing. We were only able to stay one week, so we definitely have to come visit our nation's capitol again.