Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mammoth Lakes

My daddy has family that lives up in the mountains in Mammoth. We visit them during Christmas but its so very cold and crowded. There are lots of people on vacation, skiing and snowboarding. My family and I love going up there during the summer. There's no one there except for the locals. Plus, we love to hike. Hiking trails cover most of the mountains and valleys, and Its the only way to reach all the hidden lakes. Last time we went, we hiked up to Duck Lake. It's a long 11-mile hike there and back, with steep hills and big rocks to step over, but the view is worth it when you get there. We stay to fish for a few hours and just relax in the clear water and crisp air. Nothing like a peaceful mountain lake with no one around but your family. I love Mammoth!