Friday, February 10, 2012

Universal Studios, Hollywood

Little day adventures are some of the funnest times my mommy and I have. Living in sunny southern California, beach bumming is our all time favorite, but sometimes we gotta play tourists. We headed into Hollywood and played around at Universal Studios!

We have a few theme parks not too far away. Universal Studios is actually a studio that makes movies and everything, but they have a bunch of rides based on their movies we can enjoy. First stop, mommy and I always sample the food. :) Our favorite today, BBQ ribs from the Flintstones BBQ Pit.

I was a big boy and ate all my ribs. Yummy!

One of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs are so cool! It's a big water ride with huge life-like dinosaurs all around. The T Rex almost got us, but we splashed down the hill too fast for him.

There's a lot of shows with special effects, some of my favorite cartoon characters come out to play, and there's even live animals. But my favorite part of the day was taking the studio tram tour.

We get to drive around the lot and see the sets from a bunch of famous movies. We get to see King Kong in 3D fight the dinosaurs, The Mummy comes after us, and Jaws tries to bite me!

I had so much fun playing in the movies with my mommy. Our mini adventures are so fun, and it makes me even more excited for the next big adventure.


  1. All Bears ar brave, ov corse, but yu must be INCREDIBLY brave to sit in that shark's mowth!!!! It must be grayte to liv neer a playce ware they mayke films like that!!!! To think yu ate at the offishul FLintstones cafe! Did all those ribs mayke yu berp? Heheh! Or did sumthing escape from elseware? HAHAHA


  2. I love living in California B.T.! There's so much to do! Mommy lets me out to play often :) The shark wasn't so scary, he was all tied up hehe. I'm a big boy. And I definitely got some big burps after all those ribs! But they were so yummy it was worth it :) Where are you from buddy?

  3. Cal is an awesome place we went there we would love to go to the studios next time. HUGS HUGS HUGS what a fun day!