Saturday, February 23, 2013

New York City

This month, mommy had to go to a writing conference in New York City, and I got to tag along. While mommy's at work, Teddy will play :)

I got to run around and see all those famous buildings and places you see in the movies and TV shows. It was very cool to see them all up close and in person. We got to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Grand Central Station. Grand Central is huge! There are so many trains that go by and so many people traveling on them. I don't know where they were all going, but they sure were in a hurry.


On our first night, we got kind of hungry so we stepped out for a bite to eat and I saw this right next door. The Chrysler Building. It was lit up really bright. During the week if we got lost, all we would do was look for the Chrysler Building and head towards it. That's how we'd find our way back home.


A couple blocks down the street was Times Square. It was just as bright there with all the lights! Lots of people were running around shopping. We did a little shopping too, hehe.

A little ways down from our hotel was the Empire State Building. Every night it had different colored lights shining from it. It was like a huge Christmas tree. I even got to go to the very top and see all of New York from way up high!

And just a few blocks from there was the New York Public Library. I had heard that my good buddy Winnie the Pooh lives there now, so I had to pay him a visit. Turns out, he lives there with all of his friends. It was nice to see them all.


Mommy even took me to a really cool book store called Books of Wonder. It was a bookstore just for us kids! Everything there was made for little guys just like me :)


After mommy finished her conference, we got to do some fun stuff. I got to see the Brooklyn Bridge.
Then I got to ice skate at Rockefeller Center.


We went to Serendipity to have their famous frozen hot chocolates. It was sooo yummy! I shared a little with mommy.


We got some treats from Dylan's Candy Bar too.So much candy!

And then mommy took me to FAO Schwarz! We played Heart and Soul on the big piano. Mommy said it was just something everyone has to do.

I had such fun running around, a little fluffy in the concrete jungle! It was snowy when we were there, which is something I'm not used to. I'm a little California beach bum myself. But I could handle it :) It was too snowy to go see the Statue of Liberty, but then there's always next trip!


  1. Great trip Teddy! You certainly saw a lot of New York City. I'm a Canadian west coast bear and we only had snow on Christmas Day - enough for me to make snowbears!

  2. Nice story - we all like it. My new brother jimmy is from FAO-Schwarz in NY, too. Have shared an actually picture with him at Facebook, where we a connected with your site, too. Many beary greetings from the german rockies, your friend Krümel with all his bear-brothers